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In collaboration with Hagenhinderdahl Light Designers

Julia Koerner has been to Hong Kong for a total of 8 hours, over two travel layovers. Two strong impressions of the city remain unforgettable to her, the nightly light show view from the Museum of Art, and the view from The Peak - both encapsulating a sparkling encounter of modernity and breathtaking vistas. We envision an installation that is a duality of verticality and light. One that is strongly rooted in Chinese culture, yet technologically cutting- edge and projects the light of the future. The verticality of the installation will be represented by columns that are designed to mimic traditional forms found in Chinese Temples and architecture; and project them in a modernised form. Asking locals and visitors to envision a dialogue between the old and new. Similar to how Chinese temples are now integrated amongst the modern day sky-scrapers of Hong Kong. The light atop each column willd draw inspiration from the mesmerising glow of Chinese lanterns.Often used during celebrations when temples become the focal point of the city.



The art piece will be installed along the Waterfront Promenade of Hong Kong Island.

Chosen for both it’s footfall and central location to ArtBasel HK, the art piece being located within the plaza will create a vertical dialogue with the skyline of Hong Kong as well as be a visible light from the Kowloon waterfront each evening. The proposal is a 3D-printed colonnade of columns with lighted crowns, organized in a grid of eight-by-eight, each unique in its size and form - no two that are the same. Each column will be 3D-printed locally in sustainable and recycled materials and protected by a durable coating, using only the material required to create the column and no waste in production, embracing a positive vision to the future. The column will be topped with a glass crown serving as a lantern. At daytime, the unique shadows and reflections of the glass tops mesmerize visitors, while at night-time the glowing lantern crowns blend into the lights of the city. The viewer will be invited to use the installation as a backdrop or walk freely inbetween. The art piece will be installed in a gridded format across the plaza on a 100mm raised platform. With a ramp access on either side, users can traverse through the piece and take photos of themselves within. The columns will be hollow on the inside with 1.5mm thickness at the top and bottom. Each individually composed of 3 pieces, connection points will have an increased thickness of 5mm. Each column will be bolted into the platform below for stability. The spheres of light on each column will be made of double-blown glass and be integrated into the 3-d printed design. Each light will be powered by a circular OLED panel, lighting up the installation in the Hong Kong skyline. At the launch event, there will be a series of live 3D prints showing the process of how the columns have been made. With viewers able to walk up to the printers, they can engage with the artists and production team to learn all about the development of the art piece.The artists will also speak and hold a Q&A to teach about the connection between the installation and the research that has taken place into the Cantonese temple architecture.



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