For JK3D

The HY CLUTCH features intricate and complex organic forms that are inspired by natural hymenium lamella structures. Designed by award-winning Designer Julia Koerner, and sustainably manufactured from plant-based materials in JK3D's solar-powered lab in California. 


The HY CLUTCH is fully 3D-Printed and features an integrated closure clasp, partial opening hinge, and interior pocket - all monolithically created by the same process and material. It can be carried by hand with an ergonomic grip along its lamellas, or through a shoulder strap with integrated loops; lastly, it can be displayed resting angles on its lamellas.


The product demonstrates a new approach of disrupting traditional manufacturing techniques and questions critical issues in production such as environmental concerns. With JK3D we are rethinking urban manufacturing in regard to local production, reducing global carbon footprint, on demand fabrication, reducing material waste through additive manufacturing and implementing sustainable resources such as biodegradable and plant based materials.

The product is currently further developed in Austria as part of the Vienna Business Agency Grant "creative project" 2021


The HY CLUTCH has been awarded the Red Dot Design Award 2021 and has been Long Listed for Dezeen’s Product Design and Wearable Award 2021. 


Designer: Julia Koerner 

Brand: JK3D

Director of Operations: Kais Al-Rawi

Design Team: Kyoung Eun Park, Gloria Yan

3D Printed by JK3D

Part of the exhibition "Design without Borders" Budapest Fall 2021 and "Demo Demo" UCLA AUD Fall 2021