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The Lamella Pedestals consists of 3D printed pedestals, planters and side tables that vary in form, size and purpose. 

They are inspired by the lamellas and gills of fungi and are digitally designed and generated through an algorithm. The ripples vary in depth and gradient and blend together towards the top and bottom of the shapes, they emphasize the uniqueness of natural objects, where no two are alike. 

They are sustainably fabricated with additive manufacturing in Vienna, each as a single shell that is spirally 3D-printed with a bio-compound based material that is fully-renewable from natural resources and is bio-degradable.


 “The LAMELLA SERIES showcases inspiration from nature’s adaptability and variety, through algorithmic design, we developed this series which features mass-customization in a unique way where iconic design and functionality come together” - Julia Koerner


Design Vision, Creative Direction and Execution by Julia Koerner
Design Team: Julia Koerner, Georg Popp and Kais Al-Rawi

Copyright JK3D 2021. JK3D is a registered trademark.

Photography: JK3D
Animation: Mariana Tanova

Development of this project is funded by Vienna Business Agency, A fund of the City of Vienna



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