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Designed by JULIA KÖRNER | JK Design GmbH 2019

For Chro Morpho Collection by STRATASYS

Printed on Stratasys J750TM 3D printing system

The research explores digital setae pattern design and multi-color 3D printing on fabric, inspired by microscopic butterfly wing patterns. Butterfly wings are made up of membranes which are covered by thousands of colorful scales and hairs, plate-like setae. Photographs of the Madagascan Sunset Butterfly wing setae are digitized into an algorithm which translates the color pixels into 3D bristle patterns which correspond to the form of the garment design. The digital designs are 3D printed in an innovative way, without any support material and directly on fabric. The relation between the colourful rigid setae and the flexible fabric create enigmatic visual effects when the garment is in motion. 


Designer: Julia Koerner | JK Design GmbH

Director of Operations: Kais Al-Rawi

Design Team: Eunice Han, Chenming Jiang, William Qian

3D Printed by: Stratasys

Creative Director Stratasys: Naomi Kaempfer


Photography: Ger Ger 

Video Director & Producer: Maximilian Haidbauer

Cinematography: Blair Madigan

Music: Viramaina ‘Lights’

Model: Amelia Grace Zerbe

Model Agency: Freedom Models LA

Makeup: Sara Tagaloa

Hair: Tiago Goya

Part of the exhibition "Design for Different Futures" at the PHILADELPHIA MUSEUM OF ART, US

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