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Public Art Sculpture 2020

3D-Printed, Design and manufacture: Julia Koerner & Kais Al-Rawi 

Public Sculpture Park in Santa Monica, California on view 2020-2022



We were commissioned to develop two art sculptures in a public space in Santa Monica, California. We decided to advance a past research entitled ‘Columns to Crowns’ which was exhibited at Amman Design Week (2019) as a series of 25 small 3D-printed objects inspired by the juxtaposition of natural formations and historic ruins. We developed two 6’ high sculptures entitled ‘3D Stelae’ which are digitally crafted and developed to push the boundaries of FDM 3D-printing. The sculptures were printed in-house in our studio in multiple segments in a durable and weather-resistant polymer, with the first sculpture installed in July and the second in Fall 2020. The sculptures are the first of their kind in this material and scale in California and they will remain exhibited for two years. 

Photographs by Kais Al-Rawi and Julia Koerner

Project Team: Kyoung Eun Park



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