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Demand Solutions2
Lecture at Demand Solutions >>
Lecture at Demand Solutions >>
Talk at Wearitberlin >>
Lecture at Mozarteum >>
Panel Architecture and Beyond >>
Talk at Converge Converence >>
Lecture at Cal Poly LA Metro >>
Lecture at A.UD Lecture >>
Estonian Academy of Arts & Architect
Lecture in Tallinn>>
Panel at Magenta Night >>
Final Review Studio Lynn >>
Lecture at UN Studio>>
Lecture at Woodbury >>



Sliver Lecture

University of Applied Arts Vienna, Austria


Professional Practice Course

SCI-Arc, California, US

Avenues: The World School

New York City, US 


Building Innovation ClusterBusiness

Upper Austria, Austria


 Design Innovation/3d Design Workshop

Saudi100 Program, Saudi Ministry of Culture, Fashion Commission, Saudi Arabia 



Cal Poly Pomon

Architecture Department, California, US


Art Center

 Design Department, Pasadena, California, US


Sydney University

Architecture Department, Australia

University de las Americas Puebla

Architecture Department, Mexico


CIMIx2023 Creative Industries meet Industry

 Aussenwirtschaft Austria 



Architecture and Town Planning, Technion, Israel, (online)

WID Harvard Graduate School of Design (online)

Oxford Architecture Society (Oxford Brookes) (online) 

Symposium Additive Manufacturing in Textile Industry TITV Germany (online)

GRIMSHAW Architects, London UK (online) 

Summer Program at UCLA AUD

Podcast, Vienna Business Agency (online)

RIOS Architects, Los Angeles, US

Textile Arts Council, De Young Museum, San Francisco, US

Sidney University, Architecture Department, Australia, (online) 

Keynote Lecture Woman in 3D printing, TIPE conference, Los Angeles, (online)

Marangoni Institute, Florence, Italy (online)

SOM Architects, Los Angeles, US (online)

Architectural Association AA Approaches - STORIES + PAGE

 Italian Glass Weeks

 “Shattering Boundaries in Innovative Technologies and new techniques with glass”, Venice, Italy

“Does Fashion need the Museum, does the Museum need Fashion?” Geymüllerschlössel, MAK Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria


San Francisco Design Week (online) 

Parametric Architecture Symposium, Computational Design NEXT 7.0

EINA Centre Universitari de Disseny i Art, Barcelona, Spain

Design Strategies for plausible futures

RMIT Architecture & Urban Design, Melbourne, Australia

Evolution of Practice: Realising Experimental Processes


Architectural Association, School of Architecture, London, UK

Alumni Lecture

UC Davis, Alberini Family Speakers Series, USA

AA Mars Architectural Association , Visiting School, LA, USA

Design Future Realities, Swarovski/ TU Innsbruck, Austria


AIA|LA Women in Architecture  Los Angeles, USA (online) 

TEULO CPD Learning Platform, Aukland, New Zealand (online) 


AWMAS Alliance of Woman in Media Arts and Sciences

University of California Santa Barbara, USA (online) 

The Academy of Motion Pictures, Linwood Dunn Theater at Academy’s Pickford Center for Motion Pictures, Los Angeles, USA


Knowledge Capital Osaka, World Omosiroi Award, Japan




MANA Contemporary, New York, USA

ARS ELECTRONICA, Re-Fream, Linz Austria

AIA Arizona State Conference, Phoenix, USA

Vienna Creative Days, Vienna Business Agency, Austria

European Textile Network Conference, Haslach, Austria

Keynote at TASMEEM DOHA,

Design Biennale, Doha, Qatar

WORTH Partnership, Valencia, Spain

Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning

University of Michigan, Ann Abor, USA

USC School of Architecture, Los Angeles USA



Pasadena Arts Center, Los Angeles, USA

Keynote at the Opening of the new MANUFAKTUR

SWAROVSKI Head Quarters, Wattens, Austria 

Architectural Association, Amman, Jordan

WEAR-IT, Berlin Germany

FAT, University of Art Linz, Austria

Venice Architecture Biennale, Venice, Italy

Cal Poly Metro Lecture Series, Los Angles, USA

Sliver Lecture Series, 150 years Angewandte, Vienna, Austria

Mozarteum, Salzburg, Austria


University of Applied Sciences, Basel, Switzerland

Demand Solutions, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic


AAE Conference, Oxford, UK

UCLA, Design and Media Arts Department, Los Angeles, USA



Estonian Academy of Arts & Architecture, Tallinn, Estonia


Harvard Graduate School of Design, Cambridge, USA


UC Berkley, School of Architecture, San Francisco, USA


CAM X Composites Advanced Materials Expo, Los Angeles, USA


Converge Conference by ALTAIR, Los Angeles, USA


Benaki Museum, Athens, Greece


NIKE Design, Blue Ribbon Studios, Portland, USA


MORPHOSIS Architects, Los Angeles, USA


Rob | Arch, Robots in Architecture, Sidney, Australia


UCLA, Department of Architecture & Urban Design,

Los Angeles, USA




UN STUDIO Architects, Amsterdam, Netherlands


3D Print Show California, Los Angeles, USA


SPARK! Annual Celebration of Innovation, From Imagination to Creation, Sabes JCC - MIinneapolis, USA




Rethinking Craft in the twenty first century 

IED, Istituto Europe di Design, Madrid, Spain


Fashion Week San Diego, San Diego, USA


Syracuse University, Department of Design, Syracuse, USA


Architectural Association Visiting School, Amman, JORDAN 


Smart Fabrics Conference, San Francisco, USA




Woodbury University, San Diego, USA


ASCINA, Austrian scientists and scholars in North America,

Los Angeles, USA


Swedish Delegation of Textile Industrie, Los Angeles, USA


 Jump Start, UCLA Architecture & Urban Design,

Los Angeles, USA


Tangible Data, Initiative Architektur, Salzburg, Austria




Department of Theoretical and Applied Aesthetics,

Lund University,  LTH , Lund, Sweden


Architectural Association Visiting School, Paris, France



Polestar, Panel Discussion on "Quiet Luxury"

Vienna, Austria



ASCINA, Austrian Scientists in Northern America,

ARIT, Annual Austrian Research & Innovation Talk

 Los Angeles, US 

A conversation on Design Inspiration, the process of making and collaboration with Ruth E. Carter and Erika Abrams, Helms Bakery District, SoCal NOMA, A + D Museum, Los Angeles, US 

"Women in Technology (Architecture)"

TECH+ Conference, Los Angeles, US


Architectural Association AA Approaches

STORIES + PAGE (online) 

“Shattering Boundaries in Innovative Technologies and new techniques with glass” 

Italian Glass Weeks, Venice, Italy (online) 

“Does Fashion need the Museum, does the Museum need Fashion?”

MAK Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria


No-Place Like the Future, Austrian Consulate General, Los Angeles, Austrian Embassy Washington, Austrian Cultural Forum Washington and New York, Open Austria, San Francisco, USA (Online) 

SEEfest South Eastern European Film Festival Los Angeles, USA (online)


IED, Re-Fream, Madrid, Spain 





Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria

MAK, Schindler House, Los Angeles, USA 



Venice Architecture Biennale, Venice, Italy

WORTH, Madrid, Spain


Magenta Night

Organised by Fashion Fushion Telecom

MAK, Museum of Applied Arts Vienna, Austria

Rumble - Technology Panel

UCLA Department of Architecture and Urban Design 

Los Angeles, US

“Future Textiles: How to use tomorrow’s materials today” 

Innovation Campus Amphitheater, 



“Art Meets Industry Panel Discussion” 

RAPID + TCT 3D Printing Conference Pittsburgh, USA


“Fashion Technology: Innovation, Challenges, and New Frontiers” 

The Fashion Group International of Los Angeles Inc., Los Angels, USA



Woman in Philanthropy UCLA, Los Angeles, USA


Innovative Material Trends for Fashion Design, 

 FIDM, Los Angeles, USA


FACADES+ Conference - Los Angeles, USA


 Composite Fabrication Workshop and Panel, Organised by Julia Koerner at UCLA Department of Architecture and Urban Design

Los Angeles, US 


Wearables: [FASH + TECH] Innovation

Maker City, Los Angeles, USA


Connected Bodies, Imagining new wearables,

Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, USA



Symposium Architecture & Beauty,

Department of Theoretical and Applied Aesthetics,

Lund University, LTH , Sweden





American Institute of Architects Los Angeles

 Design Awards Jury


ACMA Challenge (American Composites Manufacturing Association) Competition Committee


Elastic Architecture 

Frederick Kiesler and Design Research in the First Age of Robotic Culture 

by Stephen J. Phillips, Publisher: The MIT Press 04/2017, ISBN: 9780262035736

Book Launch - Review Los Angeles MAK Museum


Fashion and Technology:

A Guide to Materials and Applications 

by Authors Aneta Genova and Katherine Moriwaki, 

Publisher: Fairchild Books 03/2016, ISBN-13: 978-1501305085

Commissioned Book Review



Suckerpunsh daily Competition The Mocca Museum Review 

Competition Committee



Julia Körner is regularly invited to participate in Student Reviews at University of California LA & Berkley, Sci Arc, University of Southern California,  Woodbury University, Otis College of Art in Los Angeles, USA.  

She further participated in Student Reviews internationally at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, Austria, the Venice Biennale, Italy, the AA Visiting School Jordan and France, and at the Department of Theoretical and Applied Aesthetics, Lund University, LTH , Lund, Sweden.


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