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collaboration with Marie Boltenstern and Kais AL-Rawi 2014


2x8 is an annual exhibition sponsored by the AIA|LA showcasing exemplary student work from architecture and design institutions throughout California. Each participating academic program selects two student projects that exemplify its core vision. A noteworthy panel of architects and designers will judge the projects, announce the winners at the exhibition opening, and convene in a forum to discuss the award winning work.


“A competition to design the exhibit for 2x8: EVOLVE was held earlier this year and the AIA|LA Academic Outreach Committee selected ‘Cellular Complexity’, a project by UCLA lecturer Julia Körner, Marie Boltenstern and Kais Al-Rawi, as the winning entry.” –AIAILA, Mai 2013


“This year’s winning scheme…presents a parametric pavilion of twisting planes that transitions in porosity from one end to the other.” –The Architects Newspaper, June 2013 ‘Cellular Complexity is an installation which exhibits the potential of cellular geometries at a spatial architectural scale. Cellular systems exist within the organization of biological systems in a multitude of scales from the nano to the micro and macro; they embody performative properties structurally, thermally and acoustically. This installation rethinks the scale at which these systems organically exist, towards an architectural scale which can be re-organized to a diverse range of applications and performative parameters. The installation capitalizes on the potential of computational algorithmic design methods and the ability to generate complex geometries which address specific contextual parameters. The design developed for the EVOLVE exhibition is inspired by these cellular systems. They offer the potential of efficient gradient differentiation through porosity, within a unified space-packing geometrical system. The exhibit design consists of 264 cells varying in size, porosity and twist; they are algorithmically generated and are organized along two opposing surfaces which transition in orientation through a smooth twist.


The twisted surface geometries redefine the traditional relationship of horizontal ground planes towards vertical wall planes by creating a transition that blends both planes within a three dimensional system. The transitional dynamic of the design creates enticing intermediary spaces, both between and along the two opposing surfaces. The developed system inherits design adaptability towards various spatial arrangements and constraints through the generative algorithmic design process. The exhibit is entirely composed of standardized sheet materials which themselves hold a cellular structure (Expanded PVC) and were fabricated utilizing digital CNC fabrication technologies. The assembly starts from entirely flat-packed

parts, and requires no mechanical fasteners or adhesives and is easily reversible and transportable.’



Organization: AIAILA, American Institute of Architecture, Los Angeles


Evolve Commitee:

Francisco Arias, Assoc. AIA / Rob Berry, AIA/ Jonathan Breen, AIA / Carlo Caccavale, Hon. AIA|LA / Joel

Chappo, AIA / Christine Phung Essraoulia, Assoc. AIA / Ryan Gobuty, Assoc. AIA / Clover Linne, AIA / Toru

Narita / Katie Peterson / Saif Vagh


Photographs: ©AIAILA – Ryan Gobuty


Exhibition Space: Architecture & Design Museum Los Angeles


Exhibition Duration:

11th of April - 11th of May 2014



SABIC Polymershapes LLC


Callison, KGM Architectural Lighting, Montalba Architects

Friends of 2x8


A+D Museum




2017 Amman Design Fashion Week 

2015 Winner AIA MERIT DESIGN AWARD - category built projects

2014 on display at ACADIA Conference 2014 at USC School of Architecture LA, California

2014 on display at COME IN! S,M,L,XLA exhibition - A+D Museum LA, California

2013 Winner AIA LA - 2x8 annual exhibition design - A+D Museum LA, California



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