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collaboration with Marie Boltenstern and Kais AL-Rawi 

Architectural Association EMTECH Dissertation 2012


Cellular Complexity is a design-research project which investigates the potential of porous and cellular systems within architecture. Cellular systems exist organically at a multitude scales, they intelligently and efficiently address performative qualities such as structural integrity and material optimisation; found in examples such as bone tissue. In architecture, the current application of such systems is limited to the abstraction of basic structure and aesthetics; often overlooking their efficient structural capabilities and passive performative qualities. 


This research develops complex algorithmically generated geometries which are able to vary by gradients of porosity addressing different performative and spatial qualities; the geometries are based on efficient space-packing polyhedra. The project rethinks the scale at which cellular systems organically exist, towards a spatial architectural scale which aims to integrate material, form and structure to address performance; similar to how natural systems operate. The current advancements in digital fabrication including additive manufacturing technology facilitate the opportunity to realise the intricacy and adaptability of this project within the rationale of design performance and efficiency through variation




2012 2nd prize international Suckerpunch Competition 

2012 Architectural Association - thesis commendation, London, UK

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