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Cross Over Studio Hernan Diaz Alonso University of Applied Arts Vienna, Studio Greg Lynn 2008


Historically architecture always starts with a concept, an overall strategy or some kind of pre meaning. The studio proposes to re-examine the possibilities of form generation as an autonomous entity. This Studio, a belated exercise in Fleshlogy- "becoming-animal", is not about the mimetic career of biology into and onto architecture, but of the transference of multiple physioiological scales into the systemic intelligence of the involute surface-dwelling, and back again. Flesh instead of surface, organs instead of volume. Flesh/organs are the two components that we intent to scrutinize in this studio. By means of species and adjoin parts, the studio will reveal the design procedures as dynamic relationships.


Flesh differs from surface for its layered nature, it cannot be detached from the inner organs, it is just one more coat, it is deeply attached, it stretches and compress for the sake of smoothness, porosity and voluptuous. The model is not that of transparency and structure but rather one of cuts, inserts, nip and tuck, the hand of a plastic surgeon that manipulates matter. The horrific transmutations of bodies and faces becomes the material organizations and design expertise.


Text by Hernan Diaz Alonso 2007




2009 99+ IOA Studios Hadid Lynn Prix - Selected Student works 2004-8, SPRINGER 

2008 THE ESSENCE, Exhibitions of dieAngewandte at MAK Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria

2008 SPECIATION, Exhibition at the Lichthof University of Applied ARts, Vienna, Austria


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