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3D printed READY TO WEAR fashion design in collaboration with Iris Van Herpen and Materialise  2014


The 3d printed dress presented in the Bio Piracy Ready to Wear Fall 2014 Show, is a collaboration between haute couture fashion designer Iris van Herpen and architect Julia Koerner, and 3d printing company Materialise; “For this dress, Iris van Herpen returned once more to Materialise’s flexible material for 3D Printing, TPU 92A-1, which she used to great effect for her Voltage Haute Couture show in January last year. For the Biopiracy Collection, Iris and Julia worked together on a design that successfully pushed the limits of what both TPU 92A-1 and Laser Sintering (the process used to print this dress) could do, with Materialise’s Magics software being used to optimize the design for the 3D Printing process and ensure a successful outcome. The result was then coated in silicon by Iris’s team to give the flowing, flexible dress a glossy sheen. Given the intricacy and movement of the design on the catwalk, the dress is a testament to how far 3D Printing materials and technology have progressed.” text by Materialise


PHOTOGRAPHS by Michel Zoeter & Morgan O’Donovan


VIDEO I IRIS VAN HERPEN I Premices Films Paris I 2014

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