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bulthaup SHOWROOM



Tutu by Julia Koerner worn by Australian dancer and choreographer, Ros Warby, in the bulthaup Bauhaus Ballet.


The bulthaup Bauhaus Ballet took place in the bulthaup Los Angeles showroom at a future date. We celebrated bulthaup ergonomic design, Bauhaus choreographer/designer, Oskar Schlemmer, and contemporary dance. 

The Radiolaria Tutu is designed as part of a collaboration between the international brand bulthaup, designer Julia Koerner and performing artist Ros Warby. The wearable art piece features a biomimetic aesthetic, inspired by holoplanktonic protozoa, which are part of the zooplankton, microscopic cellular buoyancy structures living in the Ocean. Julia Koerner created the design with computational design methods, incorporating diffusion limited aggregation and reaction diffusion algorithms as well as circle packing generative design techniques. The radiolaria tutu is 3D printed using fused deposition modeling technology with a plant based biodegradable material, in Julia Koerner‘s solar powered lab in Silicon Beach. It showcases an innovative approach towards accessible and local manufacturing in urban environments. The radial form is reminiscent of architectural rose windows and baroque under-skirt garment structures and in opposition to traditional tutu designs, limits movement due to its rigidity and creates a unique performance interaction. Research about Oskar Schlemmer‘s Triadisches ballet performed at the Bauhaus, Germany in 1912 further inspired the design of this wearable art piece. World-renown performing artist Ros Warby interacts with the tutu and with her dance, she ignites the stark contrast between the technological digital craftsmanship of the tutu and the detailed hand craftsmanship and perfection of the bulthaup countertops. The movement is sometimes fluent and sometimes edgy similar to the algorithms which have been developed for the design of the tutu. 2022 marks the 3rd calendar year of this pandemic and we have noticed that our lives have changed, we spent more time in our homes, in our kitchen, and we interact more intensely with the architecture space. The performance evokes experiences we all share within our community, the strangeness of our everyday life. A dialogue

3D-Printed, Design and manufacture: Julia Koerner, JK Design GmBH 

bulthaup showroom Los Angeles, BAUHAUS BALLETT

Photographs by Kais Al-Rawi and Julia Koerner



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