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Amman Design Week 2019




Collaboration between Julia Koerner and Kais Al Rawi , 2019

with the help of Kyoung Fun Park

3D-Printed PLA and Acrylic Tubes

Fascinated by the relationship between body and space, emergent technologies enable us to bridge between both scales. While current reflections and investigations focus on the materiality of 3d printing and digital design processes to create various spatial forms, this work instead aims to investigate the meaning of scale.


Inspired by an in-depth research conducted between 2014 and 2018 into Petra’s columns, capitals and crowns, Columns to Crowns is a collection of objects which bridge morphology, scale and expression to showcase possibilities. 

Julia Koerner (Austria) and Kais Ai-Rawi (Jordan) are architects based in Los Angeles, California. Their work ranges from the wearable scale of Oscar-winning costumes and 3D printed haute couture fashion, to mega-structures and facades for museums, airports and stadia-specializing in digital technoology that enables design and fabrication innovation.

Photographs by Kais Al-Rawi and Amman Design Week



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