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Italian Glass Weeks  2022




The Crystal Lammellas feature a digitally crafted 3D design that is inspired by the structure, performance and colors of the gills and lamellae of fungi. The design is 3D-printed spirally as a single shell using only the material required. The Crystal Lamellas emphasizes the uniqueness of natural objects, where no two are alike.


The installation features digitally crafted glass sculptures, which are manufactured by Swarovski, through their cutting-edge glass 3D-printing technology and individually coated with their iconic colorization technologies. The designer has collaborated with Swarovski on design and sustainable manufacturing innovation over the last four years. 

The sculptures are an extension of JK3D’s Lamella Series which exists at a variety of scales in 3D-printed polymers. The installation is showcased on a sculpted base that organically embodies the sculptures and is 3D-printed from sand; accentuating the connection between two unique states of a single material, yet in different advanced technologies and a symbiotic form. 

The Gritti Palace, which reopened its legendary doors in February 2013 after a 35 million euro meticulous and handcrafted conservative restoration, is renowned for its discreet luxury and unparalleled service, and is the place in Venice where generations of travellers from all over the world and local Venetians have gathered to experience the rich social and cultural scene of the city.

The Italian Glass Weeks is a major new Festival that is organised as part of the 2022 United Nations International Year of Glass.The Festival, which is presented by the organisers of Vision Milan Glass Week and The Venice Glass Week, aims to showcase, promote and support glass in Italy at both a national and international level.   

Design Vision, Creative Direction by Julia Koerner 
Design Team: Julia Koerner, Georg Popp, Emma Sanson, Oliver Hamedinger, Naomi Neururer and Kais Al-Rawi  


Photography: JK3D 



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