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"Can A Lily Grow A Telephone"



Bioengineering, speculation and anticipatory design converge to challenge the basis of industry. The silent growth of a cell phone from a genetically modified plant that turns nutrients into cells  and cells into biologically formed devices. Beetles with golden shells, insects in the shape of  leaves....adaptation to context. We are gripped by the concept of objects made from heat and  violence when in parallel nature unfurls wonders that just need a helping hand to accelerate the potential of thoughts that once seem ridiculous but ultimately might become the norm.


Ross Lovegrove London 2009


Photos by: Julia Koerner and Luke Hayes


Design Museum London 2011

Grand Design Magazine Issue 076 June 2010

Art de Cartier Editorial 2010

ELLE Decor 2010

Corriere Della Sera con Case da Abitare April 2010


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