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light design for Artemide in collaboration with Ross Lovegrove Studio London 2009


Cosmic Leaf was awarded wth a RED DOT DESIGN AWARD 2010 and has entered the permanent design collection of the ART INSTITUTE OF CHICAGO.


This is a large series that changes scale very naturally, primarily as a vertical device for capturing light. It appears as a digital leaf from another World, embedded with scales like a reptile or an insect which gather light and shadow on its body to seduce a mate. This dichroic, super complex surface changes dramatically with dichroic colour filters achieving a magical absorption and light emission never really seen before. The larger pieces can be suspended from recesses of ceiling mounted light fittings or simply placed free-standing on the floor.


The lamp base acting as a neutral element that does not compete with the leaf itself. Lastly there is a delicate little product which is a single, injection-moulded leaf in crystal techno-polymer that is cordless and rechargeable for intimate placement next to the bed, on a restaurant table or simply next to the sofa in the home.


Text by Ross Lovegrove and Artemide

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