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light design for Artemide in collaboration with Ross Lovegrove Studio London 2012


New nature describes a vertical column that is composed of one highly informed polymer module. This single module evolves through moving, rotating and intersecting into a generative design structure which harnesses and projects light.


The emerging design plays with fluid geometries to define a new light condition in space, casting intersecting light and shadow onto walls and surfaces in a very three dimensional way. Together with the other products of the 2012 Artemide collection the New Nature reflects current interest and research in using self-repetitive but highly informed and functional modules leading to informal generative designs.


Materials: chrome-plated steel base. Lamp body made of thermoplastic material. The main indirect emission LEDs are positioned in the upper part of the lamp. The secondary emission ambient LEDs are positioned on the base and design the interior of the column bringing out its three-dimensionality. The two switch controls can be managed separately.


Text / Photograph s by Christoph Hermann, Artemide

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