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3D printed HAUTE COUTURE fashion design in collaboration with Iris Van Herpen and Materialise 2012


The collaboration with dutch Designer Iris Van Herpen demonstrates the Design of a stunning 3D printed dress, which has been shown at Haute Couture Fashion Show in Paris at the Pantheon on 2nd of July. The dress is part of the 'Hybrid Holism' Collection Autumn Winter 2012/2013 and was produced in collaboration with Materialise, Belgium. A Technique was introduced referred to as 'Mammoth Stereo lithography' which is a method of 3D printing. This 3D printed process built the piece slice by slice from bottom to top, in a vessel of polymer that hardens when struck by a laser beam. The Material of the Dress is almost translucent and appears in different honey colored shades dependent on the light condition. The design reveals a combination of highly complex parametrically generated geometrical structures, almost growing as a second skin on the body, and organic digital leaf formations creating enticing and enigmatic effects.


PHOTOGRAPHS by Another Magazine & Michel Zoeter & Sophie van der Perre & Kleinefenn


VIDEO I IRIS VAN HERPEN I Premices Films Paris I 2012

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