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JK Academic Review 2022 Research and Creative Work V2 Update hr_Page_30_edited



Selangor, Malaysia



The roof shroud is a freeform shell which encloses the mosque’s interior and exterior spaces. It creates dynamic shading for the courtyard spacing, while fitting and flowing tightly together with the main mosque elements which are the domes and minarets. The geometry embraces the traditional spaces and layout of a mosque, while creating a contemporary enclosure with enigmatic effects that evoke spirituality and the sense of sacred space through the modulation of light. The structure is envisioned as an efficient form-found geometry which creates a specialty structure with combined gravity and lateral systems through the multiple points it touches the ground. The enclosure consists of pre-fabricated aluminum units with glass fitted into the units. It can operate either as a face-sealed or rain-screen system based on requirements of the area below.



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