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Designed by JULIA KÖRNER | JK Design GmbH 2015


Julia Koerner explores biomimicry in 3D printing fashion garments through her interest in nature and architecture. The ‘Sporophyte Collection’ features fashion pieces which are the first of their kind, as ready-to-wear 3D printed garments in North America. Advancements in technology and research have revolutionised design possibilities in fashion. This collection explores new possibilities in flexible material 3D printing for ready-to-wear couture.


The ‘Kelp Jacket’, a 3D printed garment, printed with flexible material is part of the Fall 2015 ready-to-wear ‘Sporophyte’ Collection, by designer Julia Koerner and manufactured by Stratasys Ltd.. The fashion piece debuted at “Spark - Annual Celebration of Innovation” in Minneapolis on March 10, 2015. ‘Sporophyte’ refers to a specific stage in the life cycle of a plant where spores are produced. This collection is inspired by flowerless plants which reproduce through spores. Inspired by the structure and performance of organic kelp topologies, the seaweed consists of a complex and intricate layering system. The 3-dimensional structure of the ‘Kelp Jacket’ is designed to enhance the performance flexibility of the 3D print in relation to its organic aesthetic. The lace like pattern appears as it naturally grow on the human body.


Manufacturer: STRATASYS Ltd.

Photography & Art Direction / Ger Ger

Styling / Lizette Pena

Model / Mathilda Tolvanen @ Photogenics LA

Hair / Derek Yuen @ Starworks Artists

Make Up / Jeffrey Baum @ Atelier Management

Photography Assistants / Jonathan Marlow & Carter Quick

Styling Assistant / Erik Fontaine

Production Assistant / Kate Caviar

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