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Designed by JULIA KÖRNER | JK Design GmbH 2016


The research for the 2016 3D-printed Venus dress was based on analysis of the deep-sea sponge, also known as 'Venus flower basket'. The woven net-like structure grows based on environmental influences and adapts to its surroundings. It is influenced by light and water currents. The 3D-printed dress is a woven and tessellated matrix generated from a point-cloud. This is mapped based on characteristics and dimensions of the wearer. The dress also reacts to the wearer by using heat-mapping technology to highlight their emotions. Some parts of the dress are 3D printed using biodegradable polylactic acid (PLA) filament, adapting to temperature and touch. In detail it also changes colour according to its environment. 

Photography: Tom Oldham

Model: Alex Würfel

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